Yes, Common Europe Congress 2023 is here. And this year is a very special year for IBM i. This year IBM i is celebrating 35 years since AS/400, IBM i predecesor, was born.

This year Prague has been chosen as the organizing city of the event and the Common Czech Republic collaborates in its organization.

It has been a complete success in terms of attendance, knowing the very significant number of 400 attendees the day before.

In terms of speakers, you will be able to attend conferences of leading figures in the world of IBM i, Scott Klement, Birgitta Hauser, Koen Dacorte, Charles Guarino and Liam Allan among others and of course myself 😉 so it is a golden opportunity to learn and to be able to talk with all those people who, surely, have sometimes solved you a problem in your work by reading their blogs, documents and all the information that they selflessly put on the Internet that IBM i users can consult.

On the other hand you will be able to talk with people of other countries and know how they do in their respective countries. It’s a great opportunity to do networking with all this people.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

I hope to see you there…

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