Hi all. My name is Antonio Salcedo and I have a Degree in Computer Science. I live in Madrid, Spain and I love it.

I’ve been working as IBM i instructor before I finished the university and that’s more than 25 years ago. I teach every course IBM has developed for IBM i, from System Operation, through DB2, SQL, Networking and of course, my favorites ILE RPG with RDi. Did I mentioned that I have developed IBM i courses too? Yes, many clients tell me that they’d like to learn a specific subject and IBM doesn’t have an official course for it. So I developed a course for them. One example of this can be my course about JSON and XML using SQL.

But I don’t teach IBM i courses only. I teach some other IBM courses too. I teach WebSphere Application Server courses almost for all platforms. Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i…

And I can’t forget IBM Security courses. IBM Security Directory Server, IBM Verify Access, IBM Identity Manager and QRadar SIEM.

My passion is to program. I remember university days. I remember when I arrived at home after being at the university from 8:00 to 14:00, take a quick lunch and start my PC and my Turbo Pascal editor to program something and suddenly (at least to me) my mother calling me for dinner. I thought I had been programming for a couple of hours, but when I looked out the windows I could only see the darkness of the night.

So I combine my job as instructor with my job as programmer and I’m very happy with this. I like to learn new programming languages but I have no time at all.

Now I am freelance and I’ve worked for a lot of clients. Some of them needed me to do some consulting work so there I was.

And that’s the reason for the name CPTServ. Consulting, Programming and Training Services.

So if you think I can help you with one of the things described before or simply you want to tell me something you can do it at asalcedo@cptserv.com